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Natalie Portman’s ‘Black Swan’ dance double speaks out

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The dance double for Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman in the movie “Black Swan” said Portman did not do as much of the dancing that the publicity surrounding the movie claims.
American Ballet Theater soloist Sarah Lane told Entertainment Weekly she was the victim of a “cover-up” and said that Portman performed maybe 5 percent of the dancing shots that made the film.
Lane joined ABC’s “Good Morning America” Thursday to discuss the exaggerated role of Portman’s dancing.
“They were trying to create this image, this facade really, that Natalie had done something extraordinary, something that’s pretty much impossible,” Lane told ‘Good Morning America,’ “which is to become a professional ballerina in a year and a half.”

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So You Think You Can Dance 2011: The live shows begin!

The finalists have been whittled down from thousands of entrants and the dancers need to go all out to make that crucial first impression. With all 20 finalists showcasing their talents and proving to the public that they’ve got what it takes, the heat is on. The Meet The Top 20 show sees contestants dancing in a curtain-raising group extravaganza in which they are grouped with dancers sharing their specialism. Routines include contemporary, hip-hop, jazz and Broadway, and there’s the chance to see the boys and the girls in separate routines.

David Atkins' Queens Destiny of Dance (2011) Bollywood Film Takes a Different Look at India's Hijra Community

Calcutta, April 15, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Queens Destiny of Dance is the first Bollywood movie which portrays Hijras in a different yet a realistic approach. The story is told through the eyes of a young hijra named Mukta - the archetype of hijras - beautiful, the best dancer in the community, a natural leader whom all the other ‘girls’ look up to. This film aims to reveal a journey of life in human experience that is seldom understood. Even more, it is made with the honest efforts to show such lives in a better light. And through this film we hope to celebrate a way of life in every colour through dance of destiny.
The film is slated to have a release date of  April 29, 2011.
Queens Destiny of Dance is written and directed by David Atkins and stars Seema Biswas, Veneeth, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, Raz Zutshi, Archana Gupta, Uvika Chaudhary and Hema Malini. The film is produced by Vipul V.Bangera.
Note: "Hijras" are physiological males who adopt feminine gender identity, women's clothing and other feminine gender roles. Hijras have a long recorded history in the Indian subcontinent, from the Mughal Empire period onwards. Their history features a number of well-known roles within subcontinental cultures, part gender-liminal, part spiritual and part survival. (wikipedia)

Tari Kupu-kupu Kembali Dipentaskan
BANDUNG, — Tari kupu-kupu, salah satu kreasi tarian dari Jawa Barat yang dipertunjukkan dalam Konferensi Asia Afrika (KAA), 18 April 1955, akan kembali dipentaskan dalam peringatan 56 Tahun KAA. Tarian yang disebut sebagai favorit para delegasi konferensi itu bakal dibawakan oleh maestro tari Indonesia, Irawati Durban.

Rabu, 13/04/2011 15:58 WIB
Pentas Tari Jecko Siompo
Benarkah Hip-Hop Lahir di Papua?

Jakarta Sebuah celotehan dengan segenap pembuktian dilakukan koreografer Jecko Siompo. Dengan lantang dan berani Jecko mengumumkan bahwa tarian hip-hop itu lahir di Tanah Papua, Indonesia. Benarkah?

Argumentasi tentang Papua sebagai asal budaya hip-hop dituangkan Jecko melalui pentas tari 'We Came From The East' di Goethe Haus, Menteng, Senin (12/4/2011). Tarian-tarian yang dimainkan oleh 10 'anak buah' Jecko bisa dibilang tidaklah umum.


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