Monday, April 18, 2011

Mini Dance Konsert (Coming Soon)

Hello ArtFans....

This coming April gonna be a great oppurtunity to watch BottomLeft Dance Group and BottomRight Dance Group performance. The show info as follows:

Event  : BottomLeft Dance Group Vs BottomRight Dance Group
Venue : ODEC
Date   : 40th April 2011

So, hope you all missed it. There is no such thing as this will happen. It is a fake. Never believe this advertisement. It is only for fun. So you will keep Rock'in with us here. No bad purpose. Only to make blogwalking ArtiVities more fun! Dont take it seriously. As I said it's joke. Besides, as you read this entry, the show has began. (see bottom left and bottom right of this Blog)

That's all






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